How to Buy Coinhealth on Waves

Buy using Crypto

Step 1

Set-up a Waves Wallet account here or here (new beta version). This is a required step. Either one is fine and easy to use. Make sure to save and secure your seed phrase in case you get locked out. 

Step 2

Once you’re all set – you will need to transfer any of the following accepted tokens – Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) to your Waves Wallet and exchange it for Coinhealth. You may also use Waves if you have purchased any.

Step 3

Go to Waves DEX and search for the crypto that you will use and pair it up with Coinhealth by copy/pasting our asset ID:


Step 4

You will need 0.003 waves to fuel the transaction. Your Coinhealth tokens will be found on the portfolio section of your Waves Wallet.

Having trouble buying? We got your back. We have an awesome support community on Telegram. Join us!