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Official Bounty Program

We are looking for creative minds to spread the word about CoinHealth! Do you believe in our project, are active on social media, and would like to earn some Coinhealth tokens by helping us reach more potential members? Great - we're on the same page. Here's what you need to know.


Yes, that's how much tokens we are giving out to the community!

1 point = 1 token

This bounty program is for Presale phase only, ending on the 21st of February 2018. Bounty participants will be awarded with bonus points while bounty program is LIVE. Click the button below to join our official Telegram channel and chat directly with our team. Participation is required.

Coinhealth Buttons - Telegram

Bounty points sheet is updated on Mondays. Please keep that in mind when submitting your reports. We will allocate all earned Bounty Program tokens up to two weeks after the Presale has ended, based on the tokens that you've earned. All token purchases come with a 10% bonus.

Are you a Social Media Influencer?

Are you always online? Regularly chatting with friends and sharing cool things on social media? Make the most out of it by sharing and promoting CoinHealth to your Facebook and Instagram network and become one of our brand ambassadors. We are looking for people who wants to earn by sharing and spreading the word out. Take the lead and build your own  CoinHealth mini-groups in your area and keep everyone in the loop of things. We’ll make sure you get rewarded for it.

Tell people about us in 280 characters or less!

Did you know that 40% of Twitter users rarely post but read others tweets? That puts you in a very good position to share CoinHealth with all of your followers and earn points in exchange for Coinhealth tokens, which you can use when trading with other alt coins or cash out. Let’s start Tweeting!

Already on Telegram and Reddit? Tell people about us!

Telegram is slowly taking over as one of the best and most secured way to communicate online and what better way to maximize its potential by inviting people to join our official Telegram channel and be rewarded for every successful referrals. You can also tell people about CoinHealth on Reddit and earn as much as 100 tokens per week. 

Active on BitcoinTalk? Let's turn your passion for crypto into tokens!

If you’re already an active user at BitcoinTalk and post there pretty much every day, you now have a chance to get 75 points for every 10 posts. Its that simple! Just register and add CoinHealth’s signature to your account until 21st of February, and keep being active in the BitcoinTalk community! Make sure you don’t spam – and please keep in mind that posts in discussions do not count towards your bounty.

Good with words? Get tokens for it!

We’re looking for talented writers and bloggers who have already built a loyal fanbase and can produce write-ups with active links to our website and telegram channel. If you’re that person. We’re looking for you! Just keep in mind – we value quality over quantity. If you think you’re up for the challenge, then read on.

Healthcare Providers and Fitness Gurus, this one's for you.

We’re looking for doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, medical interns and pretty much all health-focused individuals who can influence people into sharing and promoting CoinHealth. Tell people about our mission which is to reward those who are actively sweating, running and keeping a healthy way of life. If you’ve already built a group in your local gym or hospital – and can bring more people along to join our Telegram channel or just share our CoinHealth posts, we’ll reward you for it.

Translate for us and get tokens!

We’re looking for translators who can spread our message and promote CoinHealth through different media streams in a foreign language. Multilinguals who can influence people into sharing and promoting CoinHealth’s mission in different languages, around the world, without using any automated translator. If you can do that – hit us up! We’ll reward you for it.

Wanted: YouTubers


We’re looking for YouTubers who has at least 2,000 subscribers and can spread the word and promote CoinHealth through a series of videos. Unleash your creativity and tell people about our project. Just keep in mind – quality over quantity. If you can do that – we’ll reward you for it. Time to shine!


Stay up to date on all the latest CoinHealth news and updates

Filling out the form will not oblige you to anything…and yes, we hate spam too.

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Stay up to date on all the latest CoinHealth news and updates

Filling the form will not oblige you to anything…and yes, we hate spam too.

  Recommended by Locals On Alignable