Coinhealth tokens can be earned at Wavesdrop faucet

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November 19, 2017
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Earn free Coinhealth tokens prior to the ICO with the official Coinhealth Waves Drop




CoinHealth ICO Waves drop of the Coinhealth Token

We started the official Coinhealth token Waves drop today, you can earn approximately 1 Coinhealth token per every 60 minutes by simply entering your WAVES wallet address into the address bar, do the captcha and then click the claim 1 Coinhealth button, This is your chance to earn free Coinhealth tokens prior to the presale and crowdsale events. The first allocation was gone in 30 minutes, so don’t wait !! Be sure that the exact spelling is as follows and the Asset Id match.

Token Name: Coinhealth –  exact spelling is a  lower case ( h ) in the middle.

Asset ID:    GGuigYJDs3xoqmr4mGpLAguoEU6CfqTjb9qwk3YLCWRc

Just follow the link enter your Waves Wallet address, do the Captcha and click Claim 1 Coinhealth.  Tell your friends!! We will try to keep this faucet pumping tokens so spread the word!!

Step 1. Go Here

Step 2. Enter your unique Waves Wallet address

Step 3. Don’t be a Robot, do the captcha

Step 4. Click Claim 1 Coinhealth

Step 5. Check you Waves Wallet Portfolio for Coinhealth, it only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 6. Tell a friend and come back for more in an hour.

Step 7. Be ready for the token presale on December 10th in 3 weeks held on the Wave lite platform, Where you can purchase 5500 Coinhealth per 1 Eth or .045 BTC.

Final Step: Don’t miss the next big token sale, like BOB did.

Available tokens for Waves drop, .01% of total token allocation or 50,000.00 Coinhealth tokens.

Sincerely, CoinHealth Team

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